How does Spotify family work – Put the Fun in Your Fitness food.

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The easiest way to insure your ongoing active lifestyle is to put the fun in your fitness. How? You ask. By figuring out what activities you most enjoy. Is it a gym? Is it the beach? Is it a volleyball court? Or, is it a biking or hiking path?

How does Spotify family work – Whichever situation sparks your fancy, figure out a way to work it into your schedule every week? I can hear you now fitness. “But I work full-time & I’ve got kids. By the time I pick them up and get them home & worry about the homework, worry about the dinner, worry about the bath, and get them to bed, I don’t have time for exercise.”

How does Spotify family work- First of all fitness, any type of movement is better than no movement at all.

So whether you go to a gym for a fitness class or treadmill doesn’t really matter. During your work day how many ways can you find to move? Think about your physical environment. Are there opportunities to take the stairs, rather than an elevator or escalator? What about parking lots? Do you park as close to the entrance as possible or as far away as possible? What about when you go out for lunch? Do you take a walk after you eat? What about when you have meetings at work? Can any of these be converted to walking meetings? What about when you have to make a phone call for work? Do you stand while you speak? For those of you in sales or customer service this idea will serve to give you more energy during your phone conversation. Can you convert your desk to a standing desk?

Stop and think about your work day and jot down 3 ideas for building in more movement.

How does Spotify family work, when can you work in more movement?

Can you and anyone in the house take a walk before or after dinner? Can you find a neighborhood walking group to walk with? Nowadays is very handy for finding neighbors to interact with.

Another fitness common barrier I encounter when counseling clients is lack of motivation or energy. The best way to overcome that feeling, which is just that, a feeling, is to schedule your physical activity in advance with a friend if possible. Look up the fitness class schedule at your local YMCA & calendar a class that sounds fun to you.

The local municipal park & recreation departments usually have some type of movement classes available nowadays. It doesn’t have to be “fitness” per se. It can be a ballroom dance class or something different like a belly dance or Hollywood class. You never know who you’ll meet in one of these classes.

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