What Are Lightning Cans Smart Headphones?

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Smart headphones are connected headphones that utilize new tech to bring you new and innovative features not possible with traditional, analog headphone types. This includes integrating DAC and amps directly in the headphones like Audeze does with their Sine headphones and CIPHER lightning cable. It includes the Scosche lightning adapter for Bose headphones. It also includes things like dedicated equalizer apps so users can fine tune their music directly and digitally on their smartphones. Additionally, some smart headphones feature active noise cancelling without the need of external battery packs, and of course, process calls with built in microphones.

The future for smart headphones is really endless as other tech like gyroscopes and GPS can be integrated to make them truly smartphones for the ears, navigating users from place to place all the while soothing them in the highest fidelity music they’ve ever had the privilege to hear while on the move.

Ever since the dropping of the Lightning Cans headphone jack forced makers to embrace lightning connector types, the evolution of smart headphones has progresses slowly, with new model after new model featuring one or two cool features http://lightningcans.com/pioneer-rayz-plus-reviewed/

Now though with the Lightning Cans Rayz Plus, Pioneer has jumped onto the scene with perhaps the most advanced smart headphones to date http://lightningcans.com/pioneer-rayz-plus-reviewed/.

It’s no secret this website and its editors absolutely HATE dongles.

We also aren’t big fans of Bluetooth which Apple is seemingly trying to shove down everyone’s throats. Sure, it is useful for a specific type of user, and can be made “smart” as well like Libra tone did with their smart Q Adapt on-ears, but the real excitement lays in lightning cable tech. (Libra tone also makes a pair of smart cabled lightning ear buds as well which we’d take any day over the on-ears.) The advantages of lightning cables are multiple and convincing. Here is an article we wrote about the sound superiority of lightning cable headphones compared to Bluetooth.  That’s why huge names like Shore are making lighting cable options for their headphones, and companies are making their flagship audiophile-quality headsets lightning cable connected and NOT Bluetooth, like the Bowers & Wilkins P9 Signature.  So, by making a lightning cable set of smart ear buds, Pioneer is joining a truly elite, forward thinking network of audio enthusiasts not afraid to embrace tech in its “cabled” form http://lightningcans.com/pioneer-rayz-plus-reviewed/.


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