Why Greenland Should Be Your Next Best Travel Destination

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Best Travel Destination – The actual once-in-a-lifetime sledging experiences which Greenland offers are sufficient in order to lure you to definitely visit this adventurer’s paradise.

Listed here are the very best reasons why Greenland ought to be your next Best Travel Destination:

Dog sledging

Go through the delights of canine sledging. Within Greenland, many towns are home to much more dogs compared to individuals, and canine sledging is a big a part of their culture.


The actual kayak is an essential part associated with Greenland culture, an important transport and hunting tool of the very first influx associated with immigrants that found this severe land. Use a kayak expedition among icebergs and snow within the Greenlandic backwoods.

Inuit Culture

The earth’s biggest island hosts the colorful culture of the Inuit individuals, who adapted towards the challenges of the land 1000’s of years back. Visit numerous museums discovered all through Greenland (Qeqertarsuaq Art gallery, Sisimiut Art gallery) or have the hands-on experience via social trips.

The actual North Lights

Best Travel Destination – This spectacular light show, unique towards the Arctic Circle, is a part of Greenland’s national identification. This is best skilled between your several weeks of September and 04, and finest of, it’s totally free.

Arctic wildlife In Greenland, you are able to go on a wildlife trip by sledge. You can precede whale viewing, or even watch land animals such as musk oxen, caribou, arctic foxes, lemmings, and also the lone Arctic hair within their untainted environment. You may even be lucky and have a rare sitting of the Greenland polar bear which hunts closes and wild birds. Greenland is also home to beautiful wild birds such as the ptarmigan, which changes colour in between summer time and winter, the white-tailed eagle, puffins, and much more.

Walking in the Silent Arctic

Trails in Greenland are merely breath-taking, using its daring rock formations as well as purple Arctic flowers. Along with pristine mountains as well as lakes, you will come across not many hikers so that it feels like you have the place all in order to yourself. There are lots of hiking activities on offer for both casual day-hikers and long-distance trekkers.


Take a look at these impressive ice sculptures jutting out of the sea. The very best and biggest collection of icebergs in Greenland is found at the Ilulissat Ice fjord, while one can find out the changing months with the impressive iceberg show found in Uummannaq.

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