Google rank tracker – The Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) Explained.

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Thorough Keyword Research is imperative to success in internet marketing! Effective Keyword Analysis rank high in the Google rank tracker; before you choose a domain name, before you brand your Facebook Fan Page, before you post a blog or write an article; you must do your Keyword Analysis.

Google rank tracker – What is Keyword Rank? How Can It Help You?

Keywords are words or groups of words (can also be used as tags) that are regularly searched for on the Internet. It is your job to define your niche, figure out what they are looking for and market to them by using keywords that you think they will be searching for. The more effective you are at targeting your niche market with top searched for keywords, the higher you will rank on the Google Search Engines. Your goal is to place in the top 5 on the First Page of Google Search results for that particular keyword. In most cases, you will find there are several million search results for sites that contain the keywords that you are searching. The real trick is to drill down the keyword to a long-tail keyword phrase that has fewer exact search matches for you to compete against. A Long-Tail Keyword isn’t just a longer string of words; it is described as a more concise keyword phrase that is targeted more directly to your niche audience. Eg. Keyword – credit repair and Long-tail Keyword – affordable online credit repair. So, this way we have drilled down the keywords to target not just people in debt, but internet savvy, budget-wise people in debt! To find a phrase that is unique and relevant is often difficult, so it is crucial to think outside the box. When you perform keyword research for ranking on Google, the results are called BROAD MATCH results. This means that 1 or more or all of the words you are searching could appear in the resulting site match. If you surround your words in “quotes “, the results are called EXACT MATCH results. This means that the exact words show up as they are typed, in the search results.

Google rank tracker – If you type in the following and surround the keywords in quotes you will get the results as requested.

In anchor: “keywords” will give results that have those keywords in their anchor text (anchor text is the site URL that the highlighted keywords are being forwarded to) – look for less than 20 results

“Keywords” will give results that have those keywords in the URL of the site result.

“Keywords” will give results that have those keywords in the Title of the site result.

Although you might find a phrase that you have drilled down to a lesser amount of search results, this does not actually mean that people are searching for those keywords. There is no point in using a keyword if nobody is searching for it. Google Adwords Keyword Tool is a FREE tool that you can use to determine how many people are searching for your keywords, locally and globally per month. This tool also provides you closely related keywords and results that you can then re-check under for search results.

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