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Why Choose French door refrigerators?

December 27, 2017

The French door refrigerators are usually around twenty percent higher in price when compared to the standard side by side units. However the opposite could be the same especially when the French refrigerator has more features.

The spacing in the French door refrigerators is usually expressed as square cubic feet and therefore it ranges from twenty five to twenty nine cubic feet space for storage. This makes it very spacious unlike the ordinary side by side refrigerator that has just twenty one cubic meters of storage.

One of the main reasons why many people prefer the French door refrigerators is because the freezing section is located at the bottom while the refrigerator section is located at above it.

This way it is easier for most people to reach for something in the freezer and save you the energy of lifting something heavy from above.

Another amazing feature of the French door refrigerators is the door gallon. This is the section on the door that offers more space to store liquid containers such as milk, juice and bottles of soda. The racks are also made to be firm and strong so that it can withstand the weight of the liquid containers you place on them. This way you will have plenty of space inside the refrigerator to store other things.

These kinds of features of the French door refrigerator have outsmarted the side by side refrigerator units. The next times you want to buy a refrigerator consider this one. Temperature control system is another feature where sensors are installed in different places of the fridge. There are some foods that you put in the fridge that would require different temperature levels so that they stay fresh for as long as possible. This way, you can put different food at different places in the fridge and adjust the temperature at the various locations as you please.

The dual temperature control for the fridge and the freezer play an important role in helping to reduce mixing odors from the fridge and the freezer. Today when people are going green, it would be a wise choice to as choose an energy efficient refrigerator.

Water filtration for the freezer that has an alert light is another quality of this refrigerator. Sometimes if you are not very keen you can easily forget to change this water in the fridge, the water filer with an alert light will always remind you when it is time to change it. Ensure that you get a fridge with an alert light.

Another reason to go for the French door refrigerator is the through the door water and ice feature. This is a standard feature that everyone should be going for, but ironically, people to not go for them for various reasons. One of them is the amount of space it occupies in the fridge, while it can as well be put away in the freezer. Therefore, this feature will depend on the user.

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